Top ten tips for success getting onto the ALMP

1. Apply!

Don’t be put off by thinking the mentor will be popular, oversubscribed or too competitive – if you don’t apply you’ll never know. Many previous mentees thought they wouldn’t be successful, but applied anyway. Remember that these mentors are alumni and are only offering their time to University of Birmingham students. Where else can you gain access to such high profile people who are committed to helping you?

2. Make a good application

Read the questions and stick to them when answering. Tell us why you want to be involved in the Programme and what you hope to gain from being involved. Tell us also why you are an ideal candidate. If you’re stuck for ideas read the current blogs.

Ensure you take advantage of our Application Support Advisors' expert advice to give you the best chance. Book an appointment on Careers Connect now.

3. Present yourself effectively

We are looking for students with the potential to do well. You don’t have to have your future career mapped out in front of you, that’s what the mentor is there to help with. Well thought through answers that demonstrate how you feel a mentor would help you and what makes you ideal will be more successful at being short listed than those which are vague.

Also ensure you have thought through the reasons for choosing each mentor. Don’t just repeat their biography, think about what specific information, interests, experience etc they have that you can benefit from.

4. Choose the best mentors

You can pick three! Be creative with them. By all means pick a mentor that most appropriately works in the sector you wish to work in, or has a background in an industry you’re interested in finding out more about, but also think about what skills that mentor has developed and what experiences and qualities they may have that can be brought to a successful mentoring relationship – remember it’s a two-way process.

5. Prepare for your interview

If you are successfully short listed you will be invited for an interview so make sure you attend the preparation training we provide for you first. It will give you lots of hints and tips on how to stand out and do well, useful for any interview you might also attend in the future. Remember you can book mock interview appointments with Careers Network.

Training will be provided before the interviews, which are likely to take place in June of the year you apply.

6. Hear from previous mentees

Come along to the Q&A sessions we run during the application period; it’s a perfect opportunity to find out face to face how their first meeting went, what they’ve gained so far, what their goals are after graduation, and more.

Check the Careers Network website for dates and further details when they are available.

7. Read the blogs

We keep stressing this! It’s an easy way of finding out what others have done. Remember to be creative. If you can, read more than one to get a good rounded idea of how the Programme will benefit you:

8. Don’t miss the deadline or key information

Apply before the deadline. No applications will be considered after the deadline, so make sure you don't miss out!

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9. Ask us for help

Just ask! Email with any questions you may have about the process.

10. Demonstrate commitment

Throughout the application and selection process we will be looking for students who are committed to making the most out of this unique opportunity. As we said, we don’t expect your whole career to be mapped out but be prepared to commit to your future through this Programme. If you’re lucky enough to know where you want to be, then ensure you demonstrate how your mentor will help you get there.

Good luck!