CN mentoring scheme timeline

Below is an overview of the process with timelines – please note with the exception of the open and close date, other dates are listed purely for guidance purposes and may change.

Joining the scheme

  • Mentoring scheme opens (29 September)
  • Students attend briefing session (selected dates throughout October) or complete Canvas course


  • Students complete online profile
  • Students send proposals to mentors (before 28 November)
  • Mentors review student proposals and respond
  • Mentors and mentee matches confirmed (by end of term)
  • Mentees attend induction session; workbook and guide issued (December / January)

Mentoring begins

  • Mentee contacts mentor – mentoring process begins (December / January)
  • Mentor / mentee progress monitored / reviewed (End of Jan/Feb)
  • Mentoring concludes (June)
  • Feedback / evaluation from mentees / mentors (June)