Hong Kong Mentoring Programme


Open to all students and recent graduates (who have graduated within the last 2 years)

This unique scheme aims to help and connect students with successful alumni living in Hong Kong. Whether you are an international student planning to move back to Hong Kong at the end of your studies or considering starting your career in Hong Kong, our mentors based in the region can provide extremely useful information about the current job market and networks, sound careers guidance and employability advice.

As well as support with your career the mentoring opportunity can bring many more benefits such as personal development and reflection, confidence building and advice on skills that you may need to develop to compete in some very competitive sectors.

Our Hong Kong mentoring team will aim to match you with someone based on your career interests, and in some instances seek a specific mentor from our own networks in Hong Kong. However, sometimes a mentor working in a different sector to your chosen career can be equally supportive when considering some of the personal development opportunities.

For any queries you may have, please email mentoring@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

Why should you apply?

Mentoring is a great way to seek advice from a graduate who has been in your shoes and now has a successful career in Hong Kong. Our alumni mentors understand the difficulties of applying for internships and trying to secure a graduate job and want to share their experiences with you to help you succeed.

  • Seek invaluable advice on how to utilise your time at university
  • Gain real insight into a sector and how to succeed in the job market in Hong Kong
  • Build your contacts in Hong Kong within a professional environment
  • Sound out your ideas and goals.

How to apply

To apply to receive a mentor, you need to submit this application form by Midnight Sunday 22 November 2015.

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  • Deadline: 22 November 2015
  • Induction training sessions: January 2016, details to be confirmed if successful.  
  • Check-in surveys - we would like to find out how you are progressing with your mentor and will send these out during the initial stages and half-way through.
  • Mentoring occurs from December 2015 to June 2016.
  • Final evaluation - at the end of the scheme we would like to find out how you have benefited from being mentored and if there are improvements that can be made to our scheme.