Enterprising Internships

Are you interested in developing enterprising skills? 

Do you want to work in a small organisation and make a real impact? 

Explore our two bespoke internship programmes below – which will allow you to gain experience and exposure of working with local start-ups and local social enterprises.


Start-up internships

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Entrepreneurial Spark is the world’s largest free business accelerator that provides support to entrepreneurs throughout the UK and India to build the large corporates of the future. We are opening our doors to students of the University of Birmingham to be part of this exciting and innovative environment.

Read more about the Entrepreneurial Spark internships programme.

Social enterprise internships

Please note this scheme is now closed for 2017 applications. This scheme will open in January 2018.

What do we offer?

The Enterprising Internships programme gives students the chance to develop important entrepreneurial skills which are key to working in any forward thinking business. We offer:

  • A bespoke one day training course on developing enterprising skills (to be held in June 2017)
  • An exclusive one month paid internship with a local social enterprise
  • Supported reflection on skills development

What are enterprising skills and why are they important?

Being able to recognise and demonstrate enterprising skills can make you stand out from others in the competitive graduate job market.

  • Creative problem solving
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Commercial awareness
  • Taking initiative
  • Networking
  • Identifying new opportunities

Being able to demonstrate these skills can be important when applying for graduate roles. The Enterprising Internships programme aims to give you the chance to develop these skills and put them to use in a business situation.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a profit making business but they reinvest at least half of profits into making a difference to society. Unlike a charity, they do not rely on grants but are self-sustainable.

Some examples of social enterprises you might have heard of include:

  • Divine Chocolate
  • The Eden Project
  • Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant
  • The Big Issue
  • Gandys flip flops

There are many great reasons to work for a social enterprise and our Enterprising Internships programme allows students to develop skills needed for the commercial business world, whilst also making a difference to the local community.

What previous interns have said:


Ioana Cerasella Chis - Enterprising Internships Programme‘Everyone has been amazingly supportive and willing to teach and tell me what they knew, an aspect which I value greatly.’ Read Ioana's full story (PDF - 174KB)



Hannah Grounds - Enterprising Internships Programme'I think having the academic aspect of my degree alongside a relevant internship will have definitely made me a more employable graduate for the future.’ Read Hannah's full story (PDF - 242KB)



Momena Ibrahim - Enterprising Internships Programme'...my confidence with delivering verbal presentations was definitely increased by my experience in the internship.' Read Momena's full story (PDF - 179KB)



Rachel Eggington - Enterprising Internships Programme'The internship has enabled me to develop a wide range of skills which will be a real asset to me in future employment.' Read Rachel's full story (PDF - 175KB)