Meet our mentees

ALMP 2015-16 mentees

It helps you gain contacts and industry insight that wouldn’t be available to you without a mentor.” Simon, Civil Engineering with Industrial Experience graduate.

Find out more from Daisy Henesy about her experiences on the ALMP.

Advice from past mentees

Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme

I would recommend the ALMP because, not only does it look amazing on your CV, it shows future employers that you are serious about the profession that you want to break into.” Lola, Russian and International Relations graduate.


“It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the sector you are about to go into, from someone who really knows what they’re talking about. Success breeds success, and learning from their experiences can give you a real advantage if you cultivate an open, communicative and amiable relationship with your mentor.”- Luke, Drama and Theatre Arts graduate.

Where are our ALMP mentees now?

From the great advice our mentees receive, they leave University with a much clearer direction of where they would like their career to go and increased confidence to know they can achieve their goals.

almp-oliver-ziffOliver Ziff, Medicine graduate

Mentor: Dr Rowan Hilson
Current situation: Junior doctor undertaking academic foundation programme
Any advice for future ALMP mentees? Take the time it deserves and think carefully about your answers before putting pen to paper.


almp-ian-dalyIan Daly, Business Management graduate

Mentor: Andrew Garner
Current situation: TV Planner/Buyer at the 7stars media agency
Any advice for future ALMP mentees? APPLY! Most valuable yet under subscribed programme at the university.


almp-alice-froudeAlice Froude, American and Canadian Studies graduate

Mentor: Baroness Patience Wheatcroft
Current situation: Project executive at Tesco PLC
Any advice for future ALMP mentees? Listen to your mentor. You may have ideas about what you want to do, and that's great - but absorb what they tell you and absolutely go for it. It is an extraordinary experience to be able to be mentored by those who have been so successful in their career.

almp-mitali-gohelMitali Gohel, Business Management graduate

Mentor: Martin Devenish
Current situation: Project Manager at BT
Any advice for future ALMP mentees? Use this as an opportunity to gain an insight into your possible future in 20-30 years. The experience and knowledge is invaluable.


almp-amie-beaumontAmie Beaumont - Psychology graduate

Mentor: Valerie D’Aeth Hugh
Current situation: HR administrator at Amey
Any advice for future ALMP mentees?Be proactive and take every opportunity you are offered. I visited my mentors office several times and was able to have interview practice with their emerging talent coordinator.

almp-william-hazletonWill Hazelton - Ancient History graduate

Mentor: Cilla Snowball
Current situation: Creative Services Executive at McCann Birmingham
Any advice for future ALMP mentees?It's not just about the mentor themselves, it's about everything they do and everyone they associate with. Any person they introduce you to it a potential contact. Never turn down anything they offer as you'd be surprised how it could help further down the line.