Case studies of previous participants on the ALMP

Find out what previous successful candidates thought of their experiences.

Gemma Bridge and Tim Smart

Wordle of Gemma Bridge's case studyName: Gemma Bridge

Course: Human Biology

Mentor: Tim Smart

Meet Gemma...


  • To enhance my skills of leadership
  • To gain a clearer comprehension of how to become successful
  • To learn where my true interests lie within the healthcare sector


  • The ability to be confident with people of all statuses and ranks
  • To voice my opinion and object to things I disagree with in the work place and at university
  • To always chase up contacts and keep them up to date with my career progression

Future career plan

I am going to McNeese State University in the US on an athletic scholarship to do a master’s in public health communication. Following this I hope to return to the UK to complete a postgraduate programme in dietetics in the hope that one day I will become a dietician.


"I really enjoyed the opportunities that the ALMP offered me and I have found the whole programme very valuable." Gemma has already recommended some of her friends to apply.

"Saying what you think and having justifications for it can be very useful in the workplace."

Glenn Karlsson and Mayank Patel

Wordle of Glenn Karlsson's case studyName: Glenn Karlsson

Course: Chemical and Energy Engineering

Mentor: Mayank Patel

Meet Glenn...


  • To create an effective business and personal relationship with my mentor
  • To learn as much as realistically possible about my mentor’s background, mind-set and business experience which will be able to help me in the future
  • To have a particular focus on my mentor’s entrepreneurship, finance experience and philanthropic activities
  • To hopefully be able to provide some value in return for my mentor for mutual benefit


  • Key understandings of the traits and skillsets required to be a successful entrepreneur and business leader
  • The importance of learning from your mistakes and continually improving and developing yourself as an individual
  • The basis of how a small business can be formed, developed and improved in the hands of someone who originally had a fairly limited background in this area

Future career plan

Glenn has gained a full-time position with Green Frog Power Ltd. He will start in September as a Project Development Engineer. Before this he plans to travel in South East Asia, Sweden and South America.


"This program offers an amazing and unique experience which can only significantly increase your employability and most importantly be an excellent learning experience to improve as an individual as well as being fun!"

"ALMP helped me secure my ideal graduate role in the energy industry."

Ian Daly and Andrew Garner

Wordle of Ian Daly's case studyName: Ian Daly

Course: International Business with Spanish

Mentor: Andrew Garner

Meet Ian...


  • Top class advice on career management and employability
  • Access to a significant network of influential individuals
  • An insight into what it takes to be successful in business


  • Thanks to the programme (and Andrew in particular) I have developed a completely different perspective with regards to employability – in particular the need to differentiate oneself in terms of knowledge and awareness
  • I have also gone a long way to developing my interviewing skills
  • I now recognise the importance of networking and am therefore consistently trying hard to improve my networking capabilities

Future career plan

Ian has secured a graduate role with a London-based, independent media agency called “the7stars”. He will be working there from September 2014.


"It’s without a shadow of a doubt the best scheme that is run at the University of Birmingham and I owe a huge amount to its existence. Again - it truly is a great scheme. Perhaps what’s important to note (for potential candidates) however, is that it is a scheme where you get out what you put in."

"I was given an insight into what employers really want to see!"

Oliver Ziff and Rowan Hillson

Wordle of Oliver Ziff's case studyName: Oliver Ziff

Course: Medicine

Mentor: Rowan Hillson

Meet Oliver...


  • Advice and guidance on how to pursue my career choice more efficiently
  • To identify areas of weakness and strengths that I can focus on to improve my overall abilities
  • To develop a relationship with a world leader in a field that I one day hope to be a part of


  • I have learnt more about myself both in a positive way but also learnt of weaknesses that I never realised I had
  • I have developed my understanding of the importance of receiving advice from those from the top of the game
  • The importance of giving back

Future career plan

In August I will begin work in my dream job as an Academic Clinician working in University College Hospital Cardiology Department under Professor Hingorani - a world leader in Clinical Pharmacology within the area of cardiology.


"In many ways the ALMP is a life-changing experience. Through interacting with your mentor and attending ALMP events, you will be provided with unrivalled opportunities to develop your employability. Having said this, it is up to the mentee to take charge and pursue these opportunities. It is very easy to let these fabulous opportunities slip away. If you are dedicated to enhancing yourself and your future career, apply for the ALMP."

"I received interview practice which proved ESSENTIAL in attaining my dream job!"

Will Hazelton and Cilla Snowball

Wordle of Will Hazelton's case studyName: Will Hazelton

Course: Ancient History

Mentor: Cilla Snowball

Meet Will...


  • A greater understanding of careers and the business world in general
  • A direction in which to point my career efforts
  • A greater understanding of my own skill set


  • A clear and defined direction in which to develop my employability
  • More clearly defined communication skills with both my peers and superiors
  • A much greater understanding of the business world and my place within it

Future career plan

Will has arranged work experience with the university’s marketing department and an internship with the advertising company, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, in London. He plans to find a job in advertising in London.


"I cannot recommend this programme enough. It has been one of the best things I have done at university. It has been thoroughly enjoyable, as well as developing my professional skills substantially. I have created a lasting relationship with the most successful person I am ever likely to meet in my life, as well as being introduced to many more of the same calibre."

"Potential employers will not see you if you don’t make yourself known!"

Zoë Fabian and Alan Davey

Wordle of Zoe Fabian's case studyName: Zoë Fabian

Course: English Literature & French Studies

Mentor: Alan Davey

Meet Zoë...


  • To learn about Alan Davey’s career ‘story’ and how he got to where he is today
  • To develop ideas about where I would be a ‘good fit’ and how to be a valuable member of a team in a theatrical organisation
  • To gain an opinion on how best to promote myself as a young professional both when looking for work and starting out on my post-university career path


  • Invaluable advice from an expert in his field, particularly with regard to job applications
  • Contacts and networking skills
  • Confidence in myself and my future career

Future career plan

Zoë has various work placements lined up for the summer and is hoping to get something full-time beginning in September.


"Alan’s experience and knowledge of the arts industry has been genuinely invaluable and he has been extraordinarily generous with his time and advice. It has certainly opened lots of exciting doors for me."

"An absolutely instrumental experience."