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University of Birmingham

Alumni Mentoring at the University of Birmingham

Our Alumni Mentoring Scheme gives our students the opportunity to be mentored by a successful graduate of the University for a year of study.

Mentoring and Muffins event @ Starbucks on campus

Emily, BA Geography, 2011 & Account Executive at Core Marketing

My mentee was called Theodora and she was studying International Business and Italian.

I wanted to get involved in the scheme just to give something back to the students of the University of Birmingham, where I attended myself.

I think the main benefit for me during the scheme is that I got to add it to my CV, which shows I am being proactive outside of my work commitments.

I’d recommend others to join the scheme because I think it’s a great opportunity. I didn’t have the opportunity when I was at the university and I think I would really have benefited from it.

Shinaed, 1st year Economics and Planning Student

My mentor was Ilyas Malek and he is an Economist for the UK’s department for international development in Pakistan.

I enjoyed most about the mentoring scheme is the first hand experience I received from my mentor.

He gave me advice with my CV, I learnt a lot more about the government and what they do and also the career path I could potentially go for once I leave University.

I think students should apply to have a mentor because although you can read and research about your degree and the jobs you might want to go for, your mentor can specifically advise you on the world of work.

I think the mentoring scheme has benefited me because my mentor advised me to look for internships as early as possible and I was fortunate enough to secure an internship at RBS and I was also lucky enough to secure a Summer internship there again next Summer.

Mohammed, MBA Public Service, 2006 & Crime Scene Coordinator for West Midlands Police

My mentee was called Nicola and she was doing a combined Science degree.

When I first heard about this scheme I thought it was a really excellent opportunity to help young people and guide them in the direction of travel they want to pursue in their career and give them my operational expertise and experience I’ve had. I wanted to pass that knowledge onto others and get people a feel for their ambition.

The highlight of the scheme has been for the mentee to come back to you and say they have found the experience really useful and they’ve been able to find employment.

What I’ve learnt from the mentee is to be patient and to help them along and to meet their needs and expectations.

Sophia, 4th year International Relations Student

I was mentored by Sarah-Jane Riley, who is a paralegal for Tuckers Solicitors.

I found out about the mentoring programme through my.bham portal and also through my university email.

My time with my mentor was absolutely brilliant and we communicated mainly via email, about once every fortnight. We also had a couple of phone calls and we also met once in person to go over my CV.

The mentoring scheme has really helped me out with my career goals.

Going through my CV and working on that to have more success at job applications has really helped me. One example of this would be I applied to a Global Challenge Internship through the University of Birmingham and I successfully secured an internship with the British Consulate in Chicago. I think that through my mentoring process I’ve really been helped with applications and CVs.

The key topics I discussed with my mentor were training contracts for legal firms. My mentor studied Political Science here at Birmingham and I study International Relations so we have a lot in common, and she taught me through the process of the graduate diploma in Law.

The best piece of advice my mentor has given me has been to be persistent when you’re applying for jobs and also to not feel that you’re not good enough if you are rejected from a job application. It’s just there’s lots of people that are very good and that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Helen, PG diploma in Health Care Management, 2002 & Business Planning Manager at NHS

My mentee’s name is Nina and she’s studying business.

My main reason for getting involved with the scheme was to give a little bit back. A lot of people have helped me in the past and this is my chance to help them.

Aszek, 1st year Economics student

My mentor was James Palmer and he was an Economics graduate at the University of Birmingham and he’s currently advisor to the head of market monitoring at the FSA.

I applied to the mentoring scheme to gain insight into the financial services industry and to have someone there to guide me through the experience, who has already completed an Economics degree and obviously also to increase my interpersonal skills and to start building my own professional network.

The key topics with my mentor I discussed was initially my CV and ways to boost my CV to increase my employability overall, by participating in extra-curricular activities and other societies of interest. We also discussed, as he was working for the FSA at the time, and I applied to the FSA, we discussed going through the application process, as he’s been through the process himself.

I think the greatest piece of advice that he’s given me is to be a well-rounded candidate and to participate in extra-curricular activities.


Mentoring has been a fantastic experience for me, as well as the mentee and I would recommend anyone who is interested, to pursue this and they will find it really satisfying.


I would sum up my mentoring experience as invaluable / fantastic / insightful / it’s really rewarding / fulfilling / enlightening.

I would recommend others to join, because it gives you a chance to give something back. 

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Funded through charitable giving from alumni, supporters and friends.

Special thanks to our alumni Emily, Mohammed and Helen and our students Sophia, Aszek and Shinaed for taking part in the film.

With thanks also to our alumni who attended the Mentoring and Muffins event and who have supported our students on the scheme:

  • Lyn Brown, Communications (1983)
  • Simon Fairbanks, English Literature (2007)
  • Sarah Churchill, Environmental Health (2008)
  • Michael Jacobs, English (2008)
  • Malik Korimbocus, Physiotherapy (2012)
  • Chris Scott, Economics, French, Law (1988)

This video has been made thanks to the generosity of our alumni and the Circles of Influence campaign.