PhD Student awarded a Gold Sponsorship Award from Primerdesign

Ashleigh Evans, who is conducting a PhD in Dr Simon Jones’ group, has been awarded a Gold Sponsorship Award from Primerdesign to investigate the effect of adipokines on modulating the osteoarthritic cartilage and bone mRNAfingerprints. 

Primerdesign selected Ashleigh’s project based on the “ elegant,ground breaking questions you hope to answer via qPCR”.

This work will involve extensive use of Microfluidic qRT-PCR mRNA profiling, and the sponsorship from Primerdesign will provide more than £3000 worth of consumables and training including:

  • Free Real-time PCR reagents (MasterMix and RT kits);
  • Free custom designed real-time PCR assays from Primerdesign as and when required;
  • Free geNorm housekeeping gene selection kit0;
  • Free housekeeping gene detection primers/probes for the duration of the project. 
Posted on Wednesday 5th March 2014