MRC-ARUK training

The two universities provide an excellent training environment for the next generation of young researchers, with strong graduate schools on both sites providing project specific, generic and transferrable skills training and a >90% completion rate for PhD.

The University of Nottingham provides an existing course “Integrated Physiology in Health and Disease”, a one year MSc unique in the UK, with integrated, multidisciplinary approach to study fundamental physiological aspects of human health and disease, including ageing. Students also develop comprehensive appreciation of laboratory techniques and methodologies used in integrated physiology research, and can progress to a PhD in Human Metabolism and Physiology.

From 2014, the University of Birmingham will build upon this existing scheme to offer a one-year MSc in Musculoskeletal Health, with a strong ageing focus and an option to progress to PhD. This will include industry placements and UoN exchanges options for the research elements and IT support for integration of complementary teaching on both sites.

The University of Birmingham is also developing a complementary course to the University of Nottingham’s MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine to ensure the best possible overlaps and linkages between the site in this hugely important area of research and training.

There will be joint basic and clinical PhD research projects available from 2013 run from the Centre.