Research leads in the Centre

MRC-ARUK research leads


As a national centre of multidisciplinary expertise, we are keen to collaborate with others on new research initiatives, both clinical and non-clinical. We have a variety of researchers working within our key themes – if you visit our pages and find the academic who best fits your ideas please feel free to get in touch with them directly through the links to their profile, or for more strategic opportunities contact Professor Janet Lord ( or Professor Paul Greenhaff (


Partnership with industry is one of the key objectives of the Centre, both strategically and on individual projects, and we would be extremely pleased to field queries and discuss projects of interest. We can offer exceptional facilities and academic expertise, from basic science through pre-clinical models and clinical trials all the way through to health economic analysis, and are keen to deliver projects with economic impact as well as patient benefit. To initiate discussions, please contact Professor Janet Lord ( or Professor Paul Greenhaff ( 


Ongoing communication with a variety of audiences is a core tenet of the Centre’s approach, and we are pleased to continue to work with a variety of media partners to deliver on this. If you have an idea you would like to discuss, or you want to find out more about our work, please contact Dr Eliot Marston ( for more details.