PERFECT talks: April to June 2019

Researchers from Project PERFECT will be giving a series of talks in April, May and June 2019

  • On 8 April, Lisa Bortolotti presented a paper, co-authored with Sophie Stammers, entitled “When the personal becomes political: the use of autobiographical stories in the Brexit debate”, at the University of Milan, Italy, as part of a Seminar Series on Philosophy of Perception, Mind and Language.
  • On 29-31 May, Sophie Stammers will present the same paper at a workshop on epistemic duties at St. Thomas University, Canada.
  •  On 23 of May, Valeria Motta will speak at the Phenomenology of Health and Relationships Conference: Creativity and affect. The title of her talk is “An Argument for the Use of Multiple Methodologies in Mental Health and Psychotherapy Research”. 
  • On 20 of June, Valeria will present the same talk at the Phenomenology and Qualitative Research workshop organised by the Phenomenology and Mental Health network. 
Posted on Monday 29th April 2019