Daria Jankowicz-Pytel

Daria Jankowicz - PytelDaria Jankowicz–Pytel is a bilingual Research Assistant (Polish/English) for the TLANG project and works with Professor Zhu Hua and Professor Li Wei observing and analyzing multilingual practices of Polish communities in superdiverse areas of London.

She developed her interests in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology during her studies at the University of East London. Her BA (Tesol) research project investigated linguistic management of in/directness of complaints and while her MA (Multilingualism) dissertation explored the language practice of bilingual Polish/English speakers as social process both reflecting and influencing their socially constructed identities.  She has been awarded two Prizes by the Cass School of Education and Communities: The Kerry Dodd Prize for Linguistics and The Peter Martin Prize for Research Excellence.

Daria’s research interests are concerned with understanding relationships between language, culture and society and draw not only from academia but also from her working environment. She has worked as a DPSI interpreter for the public sectors such as NHS, MoJ and London City Councils. 


Telephone +44 (0)20 7631 6621