Professor Kiran Trehan

Kiran TrehanKiran’ is a senior research fellow on the TLANG project, with responsibility for the Language, Superdiversity and Business theme. This theme investigates the role of communication in migrant businesses. The team aims to extend the existing evidence base to understand how language practices foster or constrain new migrant business activity. Across the four city contexts we will look at how people in their local business communities communicate, negotiate and participate. In ways that go beyond the established ‘ethnic minority’ framework customarily applied to long-settled migrant businesses. This research will conduct detailed ethnographic observations of community-based businesses, focusing on translation zones in which business people interact with customers/clients, suppliers, investors, and business support.

Kiran Trehan is Professor of Leadership and Enterprise Development at Birmingham University, and Co – Director of the Enterprise and Diversity alliance (EDA). Kiran is a key contributor to debates on diversity, leadership, and enterprise development and how it can be applied in a variety of business and policy domains. She has extensively published a number of journal articles, policy reports, books and book chapters in the field. Her publications are testimony both to the growing importance of this mode of research to small and medium size businesses, and her success in advancing innovative approaches to enterprise development and mentoring in small and medium size businesses and policy-making circles Professor Trehan work has been supported by grants from a full range of research funding bodies; including research councils, government departments, regional and local agencies and the private sector.