Nimrod Ben-Cnaan

Nimrod Ben-Cnaan Nimrod a non-academic partner of the TLANG project, and is also a member of the project’s Steering Group, which oversees its management and co-ordination. He will contribute from the wide-ranging experience of Law Centres as community hubs for social justice. Through academic and non-academic collaborations he hopes to contribute to the dissemination of project insights among the legal, advice, rights and advocacy sectors.

Nimrod is head of policy and profile at the Law Centres Network, the national membership body for Law Centres. Previously he has combined work as an academic scholar and teacher with work in civil society organisations in Israel and the UK. He has been with LCN in various roles since 2008. As head of policy, he has co-ordinated LCN’s response to the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill (2011-12) and subsequent reforms.