Working Papers

This series publishes research findings from the TLANG project.  It focuses on communication practices in urban contexts and is interdisciplinary in its scope. We are committed to data driven analysis of communication practices in a wide range of city contexts in which people interact, learn, and engage in contemporary and changing social environments.  Sociolinguistic ethnography underpins this work, which integrates a wide range of disciplines in the arts and humanities and the social and environmental sciences. We work closely with different sectors in the arts, business, law, libraries, museums, charities, and third sector organisations, to address questions about diversity and communication in urban settings. 

The series is closely associated with the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s ‘Translating Cultures’ theme (

Series Editors

  • Angela Creese
  • Adrian Blackledge

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Creese, A., Baynham, M., and Trehan, K. (2016) Language, Business and Superdiversity: An overview of four case studies.


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Zhu Hua, Li Wei and Jankowicz-Pytel, D. (2018). Intercultural moments in translating the socio-legal systems


Tagg, C., Hu, R., Hanusova, J. & Jankowicz-Pytel, D. (2018). Polymedia and convergence: a study of social action and individual choice from the law phase of the TLANG project


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