Daiga Kamerāde

Research Fellow

Daiga’s current research interests include work and employment. She has strong quantitative skills and extensive experience of using large and complex data sets. Her work is part of the quantitative research stream at the Third Sector Research Centre. The focus for her research interest is third sector workforce, volunteering and the effects of volunteering on employability. Currently she is involved in Community Hospitals Research Programme (2014-2017), the FP7 Third Sector Impact Research Project, and in the Defining Mass Observation project.


Daiga is an experienced lecturer in psychology, organisational behaviour and human resource management and has been teaching at various universities in the UK and abroad for more than fifteen years. She also has been involved in HRM, training and development consultancy, data collection and analysis consultancy work for numerous private and public organisations.


Distinctions and awards

  • 2013 Campbell Adamson Memorial Prize for the Best Research Paper from the NCVO

  • 2011 Fellow of Higher Education Academy

  • 2008 ESRC Early Career Research Fellowship

  • 2004 Leslie Wilson Research Fellowship, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge

  • 2003 Award of the Year for Young Scientists in Social Sciences from the Latvian Council of Sciences, Lattelekom and Latvian Foundation of Education

  • 2002 International Policy Research Fellowship, Open Society/Soros Foundation


  • PhD (Social and Political Sciences), University of Cambridge

  • MPhil (Social and Development Psychology), University of Cambridge

Selected publications

In peer reviewed journals:

Working papers:

In books:


  • Lūse, A., Kamerāde, D. (2013). Between Disabling Disorders and Mundane Nervousness: Representations of Psychiatric Patients and their Distress in Soviet and Post-Soviet Latvia, in: Rasell, M & Iarskaia-Smirnova, E (eds.), Disability in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, Routledge, London, UK.

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  • Lūse, A., Kamerāde, D.(2011) Redrawing the Boundaries of Psychiatry and Mental Illness in the Post-Soviet Period: The Case of Latvia, in Szmigiero,K. (ed), Probing Madness, Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 55-66

Selected research reports: