Elizabeth Metcalf

Senior Research Assistant

Current work

Liz joined TSRC Southampton in September 2013 to undertake the quantitative analysis of the ‘Continuity and Change in volunteering’ project. This is a longitudinal mixed method research project which explores individual attitudes and behaviours towards volunteering. With the aim to explore how this relates to individual views on the role and responsibility of the state towards provision for social need, across a period of thirty years.

Blog: www.longitudinalvolunteering.wordpress.com

Research interests

Liz’s research interests include: attitudes towards volunteering, life-course analysis, statistics, effects of ageing, place inequality, large database analysis and longitudinal analysis.


Liz’s background is based in statistical modelling of large databases and survey data. Prior to joining TSRC, Liz worked across the divisions of biostatistics and health sciences at the University of Leeds. Where she conducted mixed method research into place effect. This explored how older people with acute coronary syndrome were affected by the area in which they lived.


  • PhD Biostatistics (in progress), University of Leeds
  • MMath Mathematics, University of Leeds