Jenny Phillimore

Lecturer, University of Birmingham

Professor Jenny Phillimore is working with the TSRC below the radar team. She is involved in a range of projects, including: interviews to gain an overview of small third sector activity; micro-mapping to look at the scale and function of such activity; and a family tree approach that will examine the ways in which different resources move around the sector.

Her interests in the third sector coalesce around new migrant civic activity, social capital, representation, inclusion and cohesion. She is also interested in small faith based/inspired activity and is actively seeking funds to develop a new work stream in this area, in conjunction with partners from other institutions. 


In 2004 Jenny was successful in winning an EQUAL project on new migration which has led to the development of international links particularly in the EU and Norway. She was appointed to the National Refugee Integration Forum, and worked with the government developing and shaping integration policy. Her most recent published work explores dimensions of super-diversity, representation and inclusion. She was the lead author on the first book published on new migration New Migrants in the UK - (2008).

Jenny has also developed a community research programme wherein community members are given accredited, university quality, qualitative research training and participate in major research projects as researchers – allowing her to explore areas such as mental health and sexual violence, generally not accessed by academic researchers.


  • PhD Urban and Regional Studies, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham, 1998
  • MSc (Distinction), Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham, 1995
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Science (First Class), Coventry University, 1994