Pauline Leonard

Reader in Sociology University of Southampton

Professor Pauline Leonard’s research explores the changing nature of work and organisations, with a focus on the implications of change for the making of work identities and relations. She has particular interests in gender and diversity at work, careers, migration, organisational space and design and sustainability.

Pauline has a TSRC project with Professor Susan Halford ‘Organising the Third Sector: working lives and organisational challenges’.

Research interests include:

  • The motivations and work identities of third sector workers (including volunteers and paid staff).
  • Career trajectories within the third sector and across sectors.
  • Diversity issues within the third sector.
  • Organisational forms and practices in the third sector.
  • Social networking between third sector staff and organisations.
  • Workplace design and sustainability initiatives within the third sector.
  • Theoretical and conceptual understandings of work in the 21st century.
  • Using ethnographic, visual, and discourse methods for analysing the third sector.


Pauline has over fifteen years of experience of academic work in sociology and social policy. She is currently Postgraduate Research Convenor for Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Southampton and teaches on Sociology of Everyday Life and Education and Society at undergraduate level and Philosophy and Methods at Master’s level. She has undertaken empirical research in a range of organisational contexts and has published widely on issues of work identities, organisational change and migration.

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