Tricia Jones

Research Associate

Tricia Jones worked for local authorities and housing associations nationally, helping build community involvement structures and processes for 20 years before returning to full-time study and research at the University of Birmingham in 2002.

Related research interests include empowering participation strategies; inter-sector collaboration and network dynamics, with a practical focus on policy impact.

Her involvement in collaborative research work with the Building and Social Housing Foundation organised consultation with national policymakers and housing practitioners to achieve economic policy impact on the Department of Communities & Local Government’s Empty Homes Programme 2012.

Her methodological approach embraces a critical realist perspective; case study analysis; and participatory action research, which calls for insight, reflection, and personal involvement with the topic being explored. It is conducted in real world settings by the people directly involved with the problem or situation being investigated.

Tricia has engaged with the training and application of community researchers to maximise the influence of below-the-radar community voice such as refugee and new-comer community organisations.


Tricia has worked with colleagues in the Third Sector Research Centre, pursuing research into co-production and the impact of localism on leadership relations within inter-sector partnerships at local authority level. 

She recently completed a post-doctoral Knowledge Transfer secondment from the Third Sector Research Centre to act as full-time Partnership and Insight Manager to the Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust (HACT).

This has enabled her to develop action-learning training programmes on behalf of the Charity; as well as longitudinal international study of the role of housing associations in England, the US, Melbourne, Australia and the Netherlands in conjunction with her academic partner, Professor David Mullins using the Delphi technique methodology.

Tricia’s interest in the interplay between community empowerment theory and participatory practice contributes to her continuing part-time postgraduate teaching role within the MSc Urban and Regional Planning module -   “Towards Urban Renaissance: Community Involvement in the Built Environment”.


MSc in Urban and Regional Studies 2002-2004

PhD CASE Studentship with HACT & Centre for Urban and Regional Studies 2006-2010



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