Joint research

TSRC undertakes commissioned projects to provide organisations with the specific research they need to inform their work. We also work in partnership with other organisations and researchers on projects of mutual interest.

Organisations we have worked with include Big Lottery Fund, Crisis, Voluntary Arts, Citizens Advice, Tenants Services Authority, The Plunkett Foundation, and more

Examples of joint work:

Understanding your organisation and informing strategic planning

TSRC research can help you understand the role your organisation plays, the effect it has on others. We can help think about possible ways of developing your organisation, achieving goals and balancing priorities.

Examples include work with the Big Lottery Fund, Migrant Organisations Development Agency, and a number of Housing Associations.

Measuring social impact

TSRC works with other organisations to help them think about measuring their impact, to design toolkits and offer advice on measurement tools.

We have worked with organisations including The Guild, Citizens Advice, the East of England Development Agency, Affinity Sutton Group and Tenant Services Authority.


Understanding the issues

TSRC can conduct research to help increase understanding of the issues you work with. For example, how do wider policy and social issues affect your beneficiaries? How can certain interventions contribute? How might activities be developed or supported?

Examples include research into the impact of community arts activities, the role of self-help housing projects, the effect of multiple births on families.


Informing policy and service development

TSRC research can provide evidence to central and local government to help enhance understanding of the environment they are operating in, and help analyse the potential effects of service developments on the local third sector.

Examples include work to inform NHS service commissioning and the role of community participation and co-production for the Arts and Humanities Research Council.