The third sector in transition: TSRC and SRA seminar series

20 March, 11 April, and 9 May 2013

Social Research Association, London

We held three seminars with the Social Research Association, exploring what recent TSRC research can tell us about the voluntary sector in a time of change:

  • How are organisations and resources distributed across the country?
  • How are funding patterns changing?
  • How are organisations experiencing economic and political change?


Change on the ground (9 May 2013)

This seminar looked at findings from TSRC’s 'Real Times ' qualitative longitudinal study, which has been following a diverse group of fifteen case studies since Spring 2010.

The third sector in unsettled times, insights from a qualitative longitudinal study, Rob Macmillan and Rebecca Taylor

The funding mix (11 April 2013)

This seminar explored changes in funding, and looked at whether the sector is experiencing 'marketisation'

A comparative understanding of the commercialisation of the third sector (Simon Teasdale and Domenico Moro)

Market making in the third sector: demand led capacity building and transforming infrastructure (Rob Macmillan)

The distribution of voluntary resources (20 March 2013)

This seminar explored rates of volunteering and civic engagement, highlighting differences in engagement between different neighbourhoods. It explored patterns in the distribution and funding of voluntary organisations.

The distribution of voluntary resources (Sarah Bulloch)

The local “ecology” of charitable resources: case studies in contrasting communities (Rose Lindsey)

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