Impact of our research


Research can have an impact by contributing to policy debate, enhancing understanding or helping to inform the work people do. Our research is having an impact through ongoing collaborative work between our researchers and the voluntary sector.

TSRC’s Knowledge Exchange and Impact strategy is grounded on a premise that impact is generated through the interaction between the research content, user engagement and application. We are compiling case studies to show how our research is contributing, in different ways, to policy, practice and academia.

Media coverage:

Case studies:

The impact pathways outlined in these case studies are based on recognised (ESRC, RELU) types of impact, including:

  • Conceptual impact (which informs thinking);
  • Instrumental impacts (which informs action in policy and practice);
  • Capacity building impacts (which develops skills);
  • Process impacts (which has an impact as part of the process of undertaking the research)

    Impact Pathway Framework