ESRC's 'Britain in 2014'


Two articles from TSRC feature in the Economic and Social Research Council's latest annual magazine addressing key social issues in the UK:

How are third sector organisations faring in the provision of public services?

Recent governments in the UK have shown great interest in promoting the role of the third sector in delivering public services.  James Rees highlights how difficult it has been to realise these aspirations and that significant barriers remain.  Read the full article here (PDF)...  

A Crisis in Civil Society?

TSRC Director Pete Alcock believes that many third sector organisations may now be facing challenges to their future viability.  What have been the effects of reduced public investment in third sector organisations?

The economic and political changes that have followed the 2008 recession and the coalition government’s austerity programme have resulted in unsettling and worrying times for many organisations.  After more than a decade of growth in funding for the third sector from both public and private sources, there are concerns that many organisations may now be facing challenges to their future plans and even their viability.  Read the full article here (PDF)...

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Posted on Friday 29th November 2013