Big Local: What's happening?

As part of Our Bigger Story, the multi-media evaluation of Big Local, we have been making a series of films tracking change in Big Local areas.

Growing Together Big Local, Change of Scene Summer Camp, 26/8/15

Bountagu Big Local Community Fair, 25 July 2015

Lawrence Weston and Big Local, 5 August 2015

Northfleet Big Local Summer Celebration

Ramsey Million Partnership B.O.S.H. Open Day August 2015

3 Parishes Big Local: Weston Rhyn and St Martin's Village

Westfield Big Local - 10/8/15: Interview with Kara Concannon

Barrowcliff Big Local - 10/5/15: Interview with Cheryl Mann

Barrowcliff AGM and Open Day, 28/8/15

Revoelution - Blackpool: Planning the Revoelution: Community Plan event 28/11/15

Northfleet - A Hidden History

Posted on Friday 18th December 2015