Hearing the voice of Gypsies and Travellers: the history, development and challenges of Gypsy and Traveller tenants and residents' associations

Working Paper 84 

This working paper gives an overview of the origins and development of Tenants and residents’ associations (TRAs) amongst Gypsies and Travellers. As well as identifying good practice it outlines recent legal events which may stimulate further TRA development on Gypsy and Traveller sites.

The discussion paper discusses the obstacles which may impede community development. It looks at how these may be overcome and the valuable role TRAs could play in the empowerment, economic and social inclusion of this minority.

They argue that the reversal of social exclusion requires both state action, underpinned by a commitment to social justice, but also empowerment, mediated and delivered through community mobilisation and representation. Hence the development of Gypsy and Traveller TRAs and other forums is of the utmost importance.

The papers aim to contribute to a wider debate between the tenants and residents of Traveller sites, those involved in their management and others active in the promotion of tenant empowerment in the wider housing sector.

Research contact

Andrew Ryder