Exploring social media as a tool for knowledge exchange: the #btr11 experiment

Discussion paper E (September 2012)

TSRC's Beyond the Radar project (#btr11) sought to experiment with a range of social media platforms over a 10 month period, to improve the processes by which they engaged with individuals. The aim was to ensure that issues around the ‘below the radar’ research were shared and explored across policy, practice and research communities. The goal of #btr11 was not to decide on solutions or achieve instrumental goals, but to provide a space whereby multiple voices could discuss and debate the issues, with the support of TSRC research. The project was funded by Barrow Cadbury Trust, and launched through an event in July 2011, which was hosted by Department for Communities and Local Government. The project held 5 online events and 2 ‘real life’ events, built a website through Civicrowd for resources and discussions, and used twitter for social reporting and discussion through the hashtag #btr11.

This paper presents an evaluation of the Beyond the Radar project and it's use of social media for knowledge exchange. It highlights key lessons, choices, risks and outcomes in using social media as a tool for knowledge exchange.



Amy Burnage and Roxanne Persaud