'Below the Radar' Activities and Organisations in the Third Sector

Briefing and working paper series: 29

The term ‘below, or under, the radar’ has become a short-hand term often applied to describe small voluntary organisations, community groups and more informal or semi-formal activities in the Third Sector.

The current briefing paper summarises a more comprehensive literature review which explores understandings of the term ‘below the radar’ and its usefulness in thinking about community based organisations and activities. The briefing also explores the nature and focus of research into community based organisations and activities, as well as the issues facing such groups. It draws on a wide range of materials, often addressing academic literature which focuses on particular ‘sub-sections’ of the Third Sector – Black and Minority Ethnic groups, Refugee and Migrant Organisations and rural community action. Finally, it identifies gaps in the current literature and contentious questions relating to our knowledge of ‘below the radar’ community groups and activities.

Research contacts

Angus McCabe

Jenny Phillimore

Lucy Mayblin