UK Gypsies and Travellers and the third sector

Working Paper 63

This paper explores the development of the UK Gypsy and Traveller third sector. It looks at factors which have impeded its development, including a lack of resources and skills. However, it also illustrates how, in recent years, important progress has been made in community development.

The paper concludes that the current cutbacks and reduction in resources for community development, combined with new policies that Gypsies and Travellers perceive as being hostile towards them, could undermine the progress that has been made. It argues that ’positive action’, combined with greater community involvement in service delivery, could strengthen the Gypsy and Traveller third sector, foster intercultural dialogue and promote inclusion. Processes evident in other branches of the third sector (McCabe et al., 2010).

This paper is relevant to a number of TSRC work streams, particularly ’Below the Radar’ which explores the role, function, impact and experiences of small community action groups or organisations.

Research contact

Dr Andrew Ryder