We investigate a range of topics united by their concern with the roles, resources and relationships of third sector organisations. We are funded through a range of sources as shown by this list of ongoing and recent projects. You can also find out more Information from research streams established in our initial period of operation (2008-14). 


Title: Change in the making: a dynamic and relational account of voluntary action

PartnersRob Macmillan, CRESR, Sheffield Hallam university, plus several voluntary organisations





Title: Community-level perspectives on post-war change in the British voluntary sector




Title:  Discourses of voluntary action at two transformational moments of the welfare state

Partners: Irene Hardill, Northumbria UniversityGeorgina Brewis, Institute of EducationRose Lindsey, University of SouthamptonRob Macmillan, CRESR, Sheffield Hallam university; plus voluntary sector partners, NCVOChildren EnglandAmbitionAge UK.



Title: Building the third sector evidence base

Partners: NCVO





Title: Longitudinal evaluation of Big Local Trust




Title: Civil society data partnerships: big data, open data and the funding base of the voluntary sector

Partners: National Council for Voluntary Organisations





Title: Impact of the third sector in Europe

Partners: University of Kent, third sector specialists at numerous European universities




Title: Defining Mass Observation

Partners: Mass Observation ArchiveRose Lindsey, University of Southampton; University of Surrey.





Title: The role and community value of community hospitals: what the hospital does for its community, and what the community does for its hospital

Partners: Health Services Management Centre; Community Hospitals Association




Title: Continuity and change in voluntary action, 1981-

Partners: Mass Observation Archive; ; Rose Lindsey, University of SouthamptonNational Centre for Research methods, Southampton