Journal Article

Single point of access to third sector services:
the Conwy Collaborative approach  - 2011

TSRC has recently been involved in researching a collaborative arrangement which brings together statutory, voluntary and community sector bodies which was designed to help improve and strengthen the planning and commissioning of services from the third sector to support health and social care needs. 

The Conwy Collaborative approach was intended to provide planners with a single reference point for procurement of service packages from a combination of statutory, independent and third sector organisations for specific regional and local service user groups.

This paper is written by Helen Dickinson (TSRC researcher) and Colette Neal (project manager) and reports on the experience of the first 18 months of the project.  This paper may be a helpful resource for other local areas intending to embark on this type of arrangement and sets out a series of lessons from the Conwy experience.

The paper can be accessed from the Journal of Integrated Care if browsing from a subscribing institution.