Close Neighbours Partner shares learning from CURS/TSRC Action Research

21st February 2010

Clapham Park Homes, part of Metropolitan Housing Partnerships, is holding a one day conference to share its learning about working more closely with local residents. This learning was gained from taking part in action research with threee other English and three Dutch housing associations, faciliated by David Mullins of TSRC.

The summary from David Mullins and Stacy Pethia, who undertook the English research, explains the relevance of Close Neighbours to the current policy focus on localism and the Big Society.

'Clapham Park's block champions scheme provides an excellent example of the big soicety in operation' said Mullins, 'while Trafford Housing Trust's project, in which older residents commissioned the grounds maintenance contract for their sheltered housing scheme to acheive twice the quality at half the price, just shows that efficiency and cost reduction can go hand in hand with localism' .

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