Personalisation: what will the impacts be for carers?

Working paper 64

The delivery of adult social care without the 6.4 million people who are carers is unsustainable; not only are they central in delivering good outcomes for those for whom they care but it is also estimated that they save the United Kingdom £119 billion a year. But, while much has been written about personalisation and the potential of this agenda to change welfare services, we know very little about how carers can be supported to make personalisation effective. 

In this paper we examine the existing evidence base to assess the impact of personalisation on carers. We find that this evidence is limited at best. We argue that, in the absence of a substantial body of research, translating the objectives of personalisation into reality will be problematic. We set out the areas of further research that we believe are required to enable carers to continue providing high quality support, and so that third sector organisations can best offer support to carers and service users. We have illustrated these by case studies in order to firmly anchor these within everyday practice.  

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Dr Mary Larkin and Dr Helen Dickinson