A dimming of the 'warm glow'?

Paper 74

A dimming of the ‘warm glow’? Are non-profit workers in the UK still more satisfied with their jobs than other workers?

Non-profit sector employees have often reported a higher level of job satisfaction than workers in other sectors. New economic research confirms this, identifying what is often seen as the 'warm glow' of working in the voluntary sector.

Our research shows that while the voluntary sector premium in job satisfaction has reduced over time, it is still greater than in other sectors. This is true even after controlling for the individual, job and organisational differences that often explain such variations. This unexplained factor in job satisfaction seems to confirm the 'warm glow' of working in the non-profit sector.

The research investigates trends in job satisfaction using longitudinal data from the British Household Panel Survey (1992-2008), through models which contain detailed information on individual, job and organisational characteristics. Using a 'Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition' we provide an in-depth study of the differential in levels of job satisfaction across sectors, obtained from regression analyses.

Research contacts
Chiara Paola Donegani
Professor Stephen McKay
Dr Domenico Moro