The Growing Workforce in the VCS

Briefing and working paper series: no 28

The Growing Workforce in the Voluntary and Community Sectors

Analysis of the Labour Force Survey, 1993-2009

This paper describes employment trends in the Voluntary and Community Sectors (VCS) from 1993 to 2009. It also describes: (a) those groups that are more likely to work for the VCS, and (b) the composition of the VCS in 2008.

The VCS has grown significantly in the UK during the last two decades, from 350,000 in 1993 to reach 750,000 by June 2009 – representing 2.6 per cent of employees. Close to two thirds (63%) of those in the VCS were working part-time, compared with around one quarter (23%) of employees as a whole. Within the third sector workers are older and more likely to be female than those in other sectors. Data is drawn from the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, the largest labour market survey in the United Kingdom.

Research contacts
Professor Stephen McKay
Dr Domenico Moro