About the DANIO-CODE programme

  DANIO-CODE is an international collaborative effort that aims to annotate the functional elements of the zebrafish     genome.

Zebrafish are increasingly used to successfully model human disease, to screen drugs and to study environmental toxicity in addition to being a model for embryonic development. Zebrafish genome is the third most complete but further annotation is essential to better realize the power of this model organism in diverse areas of biomedical research and to further strengthen its role in biomedical research. 

DANIO-CODE partners work together to provide a central resource of publicly available data and genome annotation of the zebrafish genome. DANIO-CODE combines a large variety of genome wide datasets including protein-coding and non-coding transcribed genome elements, non-coding functional elements such as cis-regulatory modules and associated epigenetic features. 

DANIO-CODE was established at a workshop held in Imperial College London in December 2014 (see meeting report published in Zebrafish) where members of the zebrafish genomics research community and previous contributors to ENCODE and FANTOM genome annotation projects identified key aims.

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Data Co-ordination Centre


This WIKI provides up-to-date information about the status of DANIO-CODE activities, guide documents and forum for discussion. The WIKI is managed by Anne Eagle at ZFIN


By registering at the WIKI, members will access the DANIO-CODE email server and newsgroup with the danio-code@zfin.org address


   Data Annotation Jamboree, University of Liege, Belgium, 6th May 2016

  Video recordings of Data Annotation Jamboree 6th May 2016

DANIO-CODE DCC Upload Tutorial by Matthias Hörtenhuber

Sequence Conservation Analysis by ANCORA by Boris Lenhard

Considerations for the Integration of Zebrafish Gene Expression Database with Genomics Datasets by Dunja Vucenovic

Danio-Code in the light of modENCODE by Ben Brown

Considerations for the publication of the first DANIO-CDE by Carsten Daub

Towards a first publicaion of a DANIO-CODE by Ferenc Mueller

Introduction of the DANIO-CODE Data Coordination Centre by Carsten Daub

DanioPeaks: Computational analysis Resource for DANIO-CODE by Boris Lenhard

Introduction to the International Consortium Effort, DANIO-CODE by Ferenc Mueller