Outreach News from our ZENCODE-ITN fellows


To increase awareness of the use of zebrafish in science and our network, we produced an animation together with Pix Videos:

How we use zebrafish to better understand human genetics


 February 2017 - 

 In February we began bi-monthly internal student presentations to enable the students to improve their presenting skills,  encourage open communications and keep everyone up to date on individuals progress. Below is a table of presentatons so far:





Sanamjeet Virdie (KIT) & Ana Lopez (GIGA)

Bermard Peers (PI=-GIGA) and Sepand Restagar.(PI-KIT) All ESRs


Public day discussions with Fiona Wardle (PI-KCL)

All ESRs


Andrea Mariossi (KCL) & Benjamin Hernandez (MPI)

Fiona Wardle (PI-KCL) and Juanma Vaquerizas (PI-MPI)  All ESRs

10th November 2016

Ana Lopez, GIGA, visited a school in Spain to talk about the ZENCODE-ITN Project.

La Salle El Pilar School in Alfaro, Spain

21st October 2016

Dunja Vucenovic, IMPERIAL, gave a talk at Kings College, London

Zebrafish community talk, King’s College London – 21 October 2016

29th July -8th August 2016

Dunja Vucenovic, IMPERIAL, helped organise a summer school in Croatia and gave a talk. 

Summer School of Science, Pozega Croatia