Your schedule for the day


Location and travel 

Degree Congregations are held on our Edgbaston campus.  For the most up-to-date information about travelling to the University please visit our directions pages which contain detailed directions, maps and information concerning roadworks around the campus.

Collecting your tickets

Graduand and guest tickets should be collected from the Ticket Desk in the Avon Room, University Centre (building R23 on the campus map) on the day of your graduation.  To avoid long queues we politely ask that only graduands queue for tickets.

Each graduand is allocated two guest tickets, which will be given to you when you collect your own ticket.  Remember to bring your student ID card with you to collect your tickets, or if you no longer have it either your passport or driving license.

Collecting your robes

Once graduands have collected their tickets, academic dress (robes) can be collected from the Gowning Area in the Avon Room, University Centre (building R23 on the campus map).  Remember to bring the order confirmation with you to collect your academic dress.

For comfort and practicality, it is recommended that you wear a top or shirt that buttons up to the neck as this makes it easier to attach the hood over your gown. You may also find a supply of safety pins useful. If you have long hair, you may find it useful to bring some hair grips to assist in holding your cap in place.


Once tickets and academic dress have been collected, please make your way to the photography studios in the Avon Room, University Centre (building R23 on the campus map).  Members of staff from Ede and Ravenscroft will be available if you have any queries or wish to order your photography on the day.

After your formal photographs have been taken why not head outside and have some photographs taken on our picturesque campus?

Personal belongings 

As graduands return to different seats during the ceremony you cannot bring personal belongings into the Great Hall. Personal belongings include purses, handbags, mobile phones and any other items you cannot keep in your pocket.

Your robes will not have pockets - we recommend that you take advantage of our cloakroom (signposted from the Great Hall) or ask your guests to look after your belongings during the Degree Congregation.

Mobile phones and cameras in the ceremony

Use of mobile phones, cameras or any portable electronic device is not permitted during the Degree Congregation as it can cause disruption to other graduands and guests.  Any graduands or guests seen using such equipment will be asked to leave the Degree Congregation.

If you would like a photograph of you receiving your degree on stage during the Degree Congregation please speak to a representative of Ede and Ravenscroft as this is part of the wide range of photograph options available to you.

Don't be late!

The doors to the Great Hall will close 15 minutes before the start of each Degree Congregation to both graduands and guests. This is to ensure that the Degree Congregation runs smoothly for all concerned. Please ensure that you arrive at the Great Hall no later than 30 minutes before your Degree Congregation so that we can register you for the ceremony.  Any graduands arriving after the doors have closed will not be permitted entry to the Congregation.

Download a PDF copy of your schedule for the day

So you don't miss anything, you can download a copy of your schedule for the day (PDF - 135KB) to refer to when you arrive on campus.