EUniWell Student Board

The European University for Well-being (EUniWell) is a European University network, which unites the universities of Birmingham (UK), Cologne (Germany), Florence (Italy), Konstanz (Germany), Linnaeus (Sweden), Murcia (Spain), Nantes (France), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Semmelweis (Hungary), and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine).      

EUniWell will offer students the opportunity to participate in programmes and initiatives delivered jointly across university campuses in seven different countries, experience challenge-based learning, and cooperate in inter-disciplinary teams to help tackle some of the biggest issues facing Europe today. Our aim is to deliver a meaningful and sustainable step-change to the well-being of our institutions, staff, students, and societies.

Students are at the centre of EUniWell and we are helping to shape the future of the alliance.

We aim:

  • to develop cross-campus platforms that will unite students,
  • focus on well-being of students,
  • develop long term partnerships with students across the alliance.

The well-being of students is one of our main priorities and we would like your help in aiding the establishment of our Birmingham Board of Students.

Why join the Birmingham Board of Students?

  • The Board of Students offers the opportunity to connect and work closely with a diverse group of students across Europe, and to shape a flagship European project. (UoB is one of only eight UK universities to be part of the European University Initiative)
  • Attending EUniWell events such as hackathons and conferences, including those held by the European Commission, has provided students with a unique insight into European education and policy systems.
  • Collaborating with students across Europe provides valuable networking an diplomacy skills
  • Excellent opportunities to add to your CV
  • We wish to make the Birmingham board as inclusive as possible, including students from undergraduate to postgraduate, from all colleges, to ensure the student voice is represented fairly.

If you are a student interested in finding out more about EUniWell opportunities, please contact the project team on

Previous Student Board members have said...

Amel - Former Chief Student Officer Euniwell and Chair of the Birmingham Student Board Visit to Semmelweis University: Blog Post (2021)

Following a kind invitation from Semmelweis University, I embarked on a trip to Budapest to gain a deeper understanding of student activities related to the topic of well-being.

I had the pleasure of attending a Hungarian Students’ Association event, with live music provided by the students of Semmelweis. I also met the representatives of the International Students’ Association (ISSA), the German-Speaking Students’ Association (DSVS) and the Hungarian Students’ Association (HÖK).

I met with Semmelweis’ EUniWell Management Team. We had a fruitful discussion regarding student participation in EUniWell, and the success of the Semmelweis EUniWell representatives in initiatives such as the Seed Funding Call. The hard work of many past and current Semmelweis students, including Hana Idelbi, Sloan Kudrinko, Ingy Jabri and colleagues will contribute significantly to the upcoming Mental Health Symposium.

It is obvious that Semmelweis University’s dedication to the well-being of students and staff extends far beyond the famous thermal baths of Budapest! I was shown plans for a new building dedicated to student services and student well-being by Dr. Miklós Kellermayer, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and EUniWell Board Member. The building is designed to complement existing student services and spaces and will provide support to students across Semmelweis University.

I was also privileged to witness a White Coat Ceremony, an event marking the beginning of students’ clinical years. Friends and family were invited to celebrate the dedication and the success of students.

Between visits to St Stephen’s Basilica and the Moorish style Dohany and Rumbach synagogues, I had an informative campus tour with Félix, Vice-President of the Hungarian Students’ Association (HÖK). Félix kindly arranged a visit to the top of the second tallest building in Budapest, the NET building, and showed me the many student spaces in the NET and EOK buildings. I was also introduced to traditional Hungarian cuisine including lángos and various soups.

This visit to Semmelweis was useful as it gave me the opportunity to appreciate the commitment of the University and the resources it dedicates to the well-being of students. Many thanks to all the staff and students who made my visit a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Scenic picture of the Danube River with the Hungarian parliament on the left