EUniWell Mobility Skills

A commercial airliner flying through clear skiesA warm welcome to the students belonging to the EUniWell consortium thinking about, or planning for, their visit to Birmingham as part of their EUniWell mobility. 

What is EUniWell?

EUniWell is a consortium of seven universities based in Europe, that have decided to collaborate in order to create the European University of the Well-being (EUniWell). The seven institutions are:


University of Birmingham,

The national flag of the United Kingdom

University of Cologne, 

The national flag of Germany

University of Florence,

The national flag of Italy

Leiden University,
The Netherlands

The national flag of The Netherlands


University of Nantes,

The national flag of France

Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary

The national flag of Hungary

Linneaus University i Kalmar and Växjö, Sweden

The national flag of Sweden

EUniWell Mobility Skills (EMS)

Listed below are the courses that will provide some mobility-related training at the University of Birmingham, available to both full-time and visiting staff and students:

Linguistic training in the EUniWell languages

Linguistic training in the EUniWell Languages

Languages for All

  • French
  • German
  • Italian

French Level 3 - Online

Intercomprehension and intercultural communication

Discourse culture and intercommunication (Semester 1)
Discourse culture and intercommunication (Semester 2)

English as a Modern Foreign Language Programme: If you are interested in following modules pertaining to this programme as part of EUniWell, please contact the programme lead, Dr John Goodyear: