EUniWell Well-being Research Incubator

The European University for Well-being (EUniWell) promotes cooperation, collaboration and friendship between its member universities and a broad base of associate partner organisations from across Europe. 

We are pleased to be leading on the EUniWell Well-being Research incubator, an initiative to promote collaboration in well-being research. Researchers at all levels are invited to put forward proposals to run online workshops on topics relating to the four EUniWell research areas. You can use these workshops to help widen your networks; learn about research activity taking place across Europe; and identify common interests, synergies and potential for collaboration.

From May 2023, workshop participants will be able to submit project ideas to a follow-on funding scheme for collaborative research projects. This funding scheme will offer grants of up to €25,000 for small-scale projects which test out and scope ideas for larger-scale well-being research projects in the future.

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