China Pre-departure Briefings 2021

We will be running pre-departure briefings between the 30 May and the 6 June in Wuhan, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an and Chengdu for those who have applied to the university. 

我们非常荣幸能够邀请你参加我们于五月底六月初在全国9 个城市 (武汉,南京,郑州,杭州,北京,上海,广州,西安,成都) 举办的伯明翰大学2021中国行前说明会。
This is an exciting opportunity for us to provide you with valuable information on how to prepare for your arrival here to study at one of the world's top universities!
The Pre-departure Briefing will enable you to find out lots of useful information about travelling to Birmingham; what to do when you arrive at the University; your accommodation; your student visa and much more.
It also gives you the chance to meet and make friends with other students who will be studying at the University as well as having the opportunity to meet our alumni (students who have graduated from the university) and ask them questions about their experiences here.
The schedule of the pre-departure events are as follows. Once you’ve registered for one of the events, we will email you with the venue details closer to the date.

 To attend one of the above events, please ensure you register via the links below:

18:30-20:30, 30 May, Wuhan 武汉

18:30-20:30, 3 June, Nanjing 南京

18:30-20:30, 4 June, Zhengzhou 郑州

18:30-20:30, 4 June, Hangzhou 杭州

14:00-16:00, 5 June, Beijing 北京

14:00-16:00, 5 June, Guangzhou 广州

14:00-16:00, 5 June, Shanghai 上海

18:30-20:30, 6 June, Xi’an 西安

18:30-20:30, 6 June, Chengdu 成都