Where can I go?

The University prides itself on its ability to offer students a wide array of study abroad opportunities.

Your preferred destination may depend on the course and criteria set by your department but if your course is more flexible, we have exchange programmes with partner universities across the world.

You can explore our 300+ Study Abroad destinations across Europe and the rest of the World, just click on the map below to access the exchange partner search function.

Map of the world with various pins and colour-coded number discs overlaid

There are two types of exchange programmes managed and supported by the Study Abroad and Exchanges Team at UoB:

  • University-wide Exchange Programme
  • Departmental-specific Exchange Programme

1. University-wide Exchange Programme (semester or year-long)

Students on programmes that permit an exchange period can apply to any one of the University-wide partners that offer modules in their discipline.

These university-wide exchange opportunities are largely based outside of Europe, however there are a handful of university-wide European exchanges.

You can search for these opportunities in the partner search function by selecting the International option under the Frameworks tab.

You should also have enough prior knowledge of the overseas institution's language of instruction to be able to fully engage at university level study. 

2. Departmental-specific Exchange Programme (semester or year-long)

The Departmental-specific exchange programme is for students that want to study at one our European partners. The partner universities you can apply to depends on which College/School/Department you study in and which universities they have exchange agreements with. Students in College/School/Department with Departmental-specific exchange agreements in place are allocated to exchange universities by their School/Department. Please contact your department Exchange Tutor to discuss the Departmental-specific exchange opportunities available to you.

3. Summer School and Short-term Opportunities

There are a variety of summer schools and short-term programmes available to students at the University of Birmingham based at our partner institutions across the world. These can be excellent opportunities to gain academic, cultural and social experiences if you are not able to access longer term exchange opportunities.  The Study Abroad & Exchange office does not manage all of the short-term opportunities listed country by country below and you will need to research and apply independently. You should research the full costs, eligibility criteria and application process before you apply to any of them.

However, Study Abroad and Exchanges office does supports a number specific short-term opportunities and summer schools for which Turing funding is available. These opportunities are selected and negociated directly with key exchange partners and other third party suppliers to offer a diverse range of programmes available to students, supported by Turing funding. Some of these opportunities are fully funded (reserved for Birmingham Scholars). 

Please view this page for more information about summer opportunities for Summer 2023.   


University of Sydney

Short Term Study Abroad

Students have the opportunity to select up to two intensive units of study over three, five or six weeks. Many units of study are taught alongside local students and provide hands-on experiential learning in an Australian context.

For more information visit the Short Term Study Abroad brochure page


University of Vienna

Winter School: Cultural Historical Studies

The two-week programme combines first-class academic courses with an extensive social and cultural program. Vienna's rich cultural heritage will lead to a thorough understanding of the impact of the fin de siècle on the modernization of Europe.

For more information please visit the University of Vienna Winter School website.

Summer School

The University of Vienna Summer School offers a number of programmes from disciplines including Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Languages.

For more information please visit the University of Vienna Summer School website.


Antwerp University

Antwerp Summer and Winter University

Antwerp Summer and Winter University offers intensive short-term academic programmes of high quality based on the excellence of the University of Antwerp and its partners. 

For more information visit the website.

KU Leuven

Summer Programmes

Expand your academic horizons this summer at KU Leuven! Courses offered in Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Engineering and Technology and Biomedical Sciences.


McGill University 

International Summer Program 

The International Summer Program at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill is designed to provide international undergraduate students the opportunity to gain critical North American perspectives on issues of global importance.

For information please visit McGill Summer Program website

The University of British Columbia

UBC Vancouver Summer Program

The Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) is a four week academic program offered at the University of British Columbia, Canada for cohorts of international students to study at UBC. The program provides the opportunity for cooperating universities to organize groups of students to take two academic courses in various UBC Faculties while learning about Canadian practices and culture.

For information please visit the VSP website


Universidad de Chile

Postgraduate Summer School

The Summer School is taught in English and courses areas include Agri-food Systems, Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Biotechnology, Biochmeistry and Nanotechnology.

For more information visit the Summer School website.

China (PRC) 

Beijing Language and Culture University

BCLU Summer Programme

A series of courses such as Chinese language, Chinese culture and Chinese studies.

For more information please visit the BCLU Summer Programmes website.

Fudan University

Online Winter School, School of Economics, Fudan University

The Winter School offers 13 online courses taught in English including Economics, Finance, Data Science and Social Culture. By tapping into the world-class resources of Fudan University, we aim to bring you an exciting and enriching Winter!

Online programme available December 2021- January 2022

Fudan University International Summer Session (FISS)

Fudan University International Summer Session helps you achieve multicultural understanding, establish a global vision, and connect with peers from all over the world.

For more information please visit FISS website

Summer School @ School of Economics, Fudan University

An English-taught programme offering a wide range of multi-level courses in Economic, Finance Management, Data Science, History and Sociology, with some courses taught online and others taught in person, subject to confirmation.

For more information, visit the website.

Jinan University

Jinan University Summer Program

The Chinese Language & Culture Summer Camp at Jinan University is a 2-3 week Chinese language program for international students.

For information please visit the Jinan University Summer Program website.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Global Summer School & Summer Research Institute

For information please visit the SJTU website

Sun Yat-sen University

International Summer Program 

SYSU international summer program will offer you an excellent opportunity to enrich your knowledge and understanding of various China-related topics like Chinese language, business management, politics and culture. You will also participate in a wide range of group projects and cultural activities with Chinese and international students, experience the essence of Chinese culture, satisfy your intellectual curiosity and explore many facets of the university, the city and even the country. 

For information please visit SYSU International Summer Program website

The University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus

UNNC International Summer School

This two or three-week programme gives students the chance to study a nee subject while learning about a Chinese culture first-hand. Choose from a variety of programme options.

For more information please visit the UNNC Global website.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua International Summer School - Experiencing China

Packed into two exciting weeks, this summer programme opens up to you the fascinating and diverse world of China. Guided by a standout team of experts in their field, you will be taught how global issues play out in the Chinese context through interactive classes and panels. With thirteen special China-focused tracks to choose from, you can hone in on your specific academic interest including Economy, City Development and Environment, Innovation, Education and Humanities.

For more information please visit the Tsinghua University Summer School website.

Czech Republic

Charles University in Prague

Spring University Prague

This study programme will provide students with a broad understanding of the most significant political and social issues in contemporary Europe. There will be a number of free-time activities that will provide participants with a chance to enjoy the wide range of attractions that Prague has to offer.

For further information please visit the Spring University Prague website.


Aarhus University

AU Summer University

AU Summer University is Aarhus University’s summer school which takes place on our beautiful campus every year in July and August. The programme consist of a broad variety of courses, taught in English at Bachelor’s or Master’s level, within the fields of: Arts, Business and Economics, Media and Communication, Social Science and Law, Health, Science and Technology. Along with the academic programme, we offer accommodation service, visa service, and a social programme for both lecturers and students.

For more information please visit the AU Summer University website.


University of Bordeaux

Bordeaux Summer Schools

The Bordeaux Summer Schools are a unique opportunity for international talents to reinforce their skills, gain new knowledge and develop their professional network - all whilst making the most of Bordeaux during the summer months!

For more information please visit the Bordeaux Summer Schools website.

Kedge Business School

Kedge International Summer School

Kedge Business School offers a flexible summer programme in Southern France, with programmes in Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulon, along with a range of business trips and social activities to choose from.

For more information please visit the Kedge Summer School website.

 INSA Lyon

INNOV@INSA Lyon Summer School

The INSA Lyon Summer School is divided into two sets of lectures: 'Management & Innovation in Europe' and 'Cross Cultural and French Language' along with cultural and social activities.


For more information please visit the INSA Lyon Summer School website.

Rennes School of Business

Rennes Summer Programmes

The Summer Programme offer intensive academic and professional courses taught in English and is a unique opportunity for students from around the world to improve their knowledge in Competitive Strategy, Luxury Brand Marketing, Responsible Management or Artificial Intelligence.


For more information visit the Rennes Summer Programmes website.

EM Strasbourg Business School

International 'European Business' Summer School

 For more information, see the Summer School flyer 2022

Classes include Business in Europe, European Integration and French Language and Culture.

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

French Summer School

The French Summer School offers a six-week programme including lessons in French as a Foreign Language and French Culture, and excusions including a two-day trip to the Mediterranean.


For more information please visit the French Summer School website.


Bayreuth University

Bayreuth International Summer School

The University of Bayreuth enjoys an excellent reputation in applied sciences. The courses feature an interdisciplinary approach and experienced international lecturers. Since groups are limited to 25 participants, you will have the opportunity to join discussions, ask questions, and share your knowledge with the other students. 

For more information please visit the Bayreuth International Summer School website.

Goethe University

Frankfurt Summer School 

During a two or four week programme, participants will discover the city of Frankfurt, take part in a diverse cultural programme, attend German language courses, and seminars provided by researchers and lecturers from Goethe University. Choose from a wide range of academic modules and explore Frankfurt and other cities in an exciting programme of social activities.

For further information please visit the Frankfurt Summer School website. 


Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

KU Summer School

Its beauty and quiet atmosphere make Eichstätt the best place for students from around the world who would like to learn or improve their German, experience German culture and have a good time! The program is for students of German or social sciences, but also for professionals. We offer courses for complete beginners as well as for participants with a good to advanced knowledge of German.

For more information please visit the KU Summer School website.

Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Munich International Summer University

Munich International Summer University (MISU) offers a range of courses across languages, the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities, with the opportunity to gain credits. Students will have the chance to join excursions to discover some of the fascinating historic castles, cities and landscapes of Bavaria and to explore LMU's 530 year old history.

For more information please visit the MISU website.

Osnabruck University

Summer Schools

The Summer Schools combine challenging academic programmes, a variety of cultural activities, German language courses and opportunities for participants to become immersed in German student life.

For more information visit the Osnabruck Summer School website

University of Potsdam

Sustainable Development Academy

The 2-week online summer school "Sustainable Development Academy" allows students to strengthen their knowledge about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Students will benefit from expert input and a highly interactive learning environment. Lectures, workshops, study groups and virtual excursions foster engagement with selected sustainability goals. Scholarships may be available for University of Birmingham students.

For more information, visit the Academy website


Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the PRC)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Summer Undergraduate Research Programme

The Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students from overseas universities to undertake research attachments for eight weeks at CUHK during the summer. Students will conduct research under the supervision of a CUHK faculty member and earn three credits upon successful completion of the programme. Due to travel restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, SURP will be conducted virtually in the summer of 2021 to allow students to take part in the programme without leaving home.


University of Hong Kong

HKU Summer Institute 

HKU Summer Institute aims to bring learning outside of four walls and provides initiatives for students to explore Asia and the world. Each programme is special in its own way and is supplemented with social and cultural activities to enrich students' summer and education experience cross-cultural interaction.

For information please visit the HKU Summer Institute website

Hong Kong Baptist University

HKBU Summer Programme

HKBU offers a range of credit-bearing courses and an exciting programme of social activities and visits. Discounts are available for students from the University of Birmingham. For more of an insight into the HKBU Summer programme, take a look at their video and photo albums.

For more information please visit the HBKU Summer Programme website.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PolyU International Summer School

PolyU International Summer School offers a wide range of credit-bearing academic subjects. Study and join activities with students from all over the world to gain an invaluable experience.

For more information please visit PolyU International Summer School website.


Universitas Gadjah Mada

DREaM International Students Summer Program

The two-week credit-bearing program combines academic learning and cultural activities in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.

For more information visit the DREaM Program website.


University College Dublin

Irish Language Summer School

The Irish Language Summer School is aimed at adults interested in the Irish Language and culture, and will also suit students who are studying Irish as a subject or undertaking an Irish Studies degree. Along with language classes and lectures, cultural events will also be held each evening.

For more information please visit the UCD Summer School website.



The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rothberg International School: Summer Courses

The Rothberg International School offers courses and programs in a variety of fields, with a focus on social and political sciences, Israel and the Middle East, languages, religion, fine and performing arts, business and legal studies, and STEM. Live on-campus with international and Israeli students – including a staff of Israeli students who help you navigate life in Jerusalem. This vibrant city will be your second classroom, full of trips and tours.

For more information please visit the Rothberg International School website.  


Bocconi University

Bocconi Summer School

The Summer School gives students the chance to participate in an intensive learning environment in Milan, Italy's bustling commercial and financial hub. As well as seven academic course options, Bocconi Summer School offers social events and visits around Milan, Venice, Rome and Florence.

For more information please visit the Bocconi Summer School website.

Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

UCSC International Summer Programmes

For more information please visit the UCSC Summer Programmes website.

University of Bologna

Bologna University Greek and Latin Summer School

The School offers intensive classes in Greek and Latin and a complementary Classical Literature class.


Kansai University

Kansai University Summer School

Spend a season exploring great destinations in Osaka, Japan while enhancing your education with a choice of programmes taught in English. An introductory Japanese course is also available.

For more information please visit the Kansai University Summer School website.

Keio University

Keio Japanese Studies Programme

Intensive two-week programme offering a variety of lectures on Japanese economy, business, arts and culture, as well as activities allowing students to understand Japan and to improve their cross-cultural awareness.

For more information visit the KJSP website.

Keio Summer Programme

Keio University welcomes students from around the world to its Summer Programme for academic and cultural learning opportunities.

Keio Summer Programme 2022 Online

For more information please visit the Keio Summer Programme website.

Kobe University

Kobe University Study Programme

This programme is designed for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in Japan. It provides a wide range of educational opportunities such as studying Japanese, experiencing top-level education through classes provided by Kobe University faculty members, enjoying campus life and taking part in fieldwork to study Japanese culture, history and business.

 For more information please visit the Kobe University Short Term Programmes website.

Sophia University

Sophia University January & Summer Session

Sophia University offers courses in East Asian Studies and Japanese Language, and students will experience many aspects of culture and society in the heart of Tokyo in a variety of events.

For more information please see the Sophia University Short-term programmes website.

Waseda University

Waseda Summer Session

Explore Tokyo as you take part in the courses covering a variety of interests including business, culture, economics, history, literature and politics in the context of Japan and Asia. The courses are taught in English by experienced faculty members from Waseda and visiting professors from our partner institutions. Japanese courses are optional.

For information please visit the Waseda Summer Session website.

South Korea 

Ewha Womans University

International Summer College

Ewha ISC offers two summer sessions. With over 40 credit-bearing courses in 15 disciplines including social sciences, business & economics, humanities, Korean studies, music & art, politics & international studies, science & engineering. Courses at the ISC are carefully selected and taught by top professors from both Ewha and prestigious professors from all over the world. The Summer College is open to all students.

For information please visit Ewha ISC.  

Korea University

International Summer Campus

Korea University International SummerCampus (KU ISC) provides and excellent opportunity for students to learn about Korea through academic and cultural immersion . 

For more information please visit the KU ISC website.

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

POSTECH Summer Program

The Summer Program is a great opportunity for students who seek firsthand research experience. Individual research and the Korean cultural program will allow students to explore the academic field of their interest and unique Korean culture and language.

For more information please visit the POSTECH website.

Yonsei University

Yonsei International Summer School

The Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) has become an integral part of campus life based on a unique blend of Korean and global cultures. The program provides a a dynamic education in a broad range of fields, from the arts, culture and humanities to science and technology. Furthermore, we offer cutting-edge classes in management and economics, global issues, history and social sciences.

For more information please visit the YISS website.


Taylor's University

Summer Courses: Malaysian Legal System & Doing Business in Asia

Along with a courses, students will also be able to experience the diversity of culture in Malaysia including cultural workshop, visitation to aboriginal village, Kuala Lumpur City Tour and enjoy the culinary delights of local signature dishes. 

For more information visit the Taylor's Summer Programmes website.

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

International Summer School

Based at the award-winning countryside campus just outside Kuala Lumpur, this Summer School Programme offers opportunities for anyone wishing to undertake short term study abroad while learning about Malysia's wonderful and varied culture first hand. You can choose from a range of subjects taught by experienced academics in state-of-the-art facilities and impressive surroundings.

For information please visit the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus website 


Universiti Teknologi Mara

UiTM International Summer Programmes

The Summer Programme allows students not only to study modules and gain language skills, but also to explore the rich culture and history of Malaysia through weekend excursions, social events and cultural immersion activities. There are twenty-four programme modules on offer under the themes: culture & art, biodiversity, business management, technology advancement and language.

For more information please visit the UiTM website


Tecnologico de Monterrey 

iSummerMX Programmes

Students will have the opportunity to live four weeks on four different campuses, with a chance to learn about different parts of the country during their studies, with a range of study poptions. Each campus has special activities, conferences and trips that will make the experience unforgettable!

 For more information please iSummerMX website


Radboud University

Radboud Summer School

Students will have the opportunity to choose from a range of academic courses taught in English by renowned academics, both from Radboud and its partner universities.

For more information please visit the Radboud Summer School website.

University of Amsterdam

UvA Summer School 

At the UvA Summer School, you can pursue your studies in a wide range of disciplines while enjoying social and academic activities in one of the most culturally and intellectually vibrant cities of Western Europe – Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands.

For information please visit the UvA Summer School website.  

University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is hosting a range of summer schools. Summer schools are a wonderful way to bring bright students and inspired researchers together to work intensively on important topics. Our summer schools are always research-driven, and many of them are multidisciplinary, offering a wide range of perspectives. 

For more information please visit University of Groningen Summer Schools website

Utrecht University

Utrecht Summer School

Utrecht Summer School offers a broad selection of over 200 academic courses in virtually all disciplines organised by Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences and HKU University of the Arts. These institutions offer high quality, challenging summer courses on bachelor, master and PhD level. Several courses are available with a 10% discount for UoB students.

For information please visit the Utrecht Summer School website

New Zealand 

The University of Auckland

Screen Tools 

A four-week practical course for emerging filmmakers. Discover first-hand what draws the global film industry here, and create your own short drama. Develop the tools you need to launch your career.

For more information please visit the University of Aukland Short Course website

Russian Federation

Innopolis University

International Double Summer School

The aim of the school is to make an international platform for the exchange of educational, scientific and technical ideas and achievements between specialists and students working in the fields of robotics and software engineering.

For more information please visit the Summer School website.


Nanyang Technological University

GEM Trailblazer Summer Programmes

Spend a summer in Singapore in the heart of the fast developing Asia-Pacific region and a springboard to explore the many cultures and languages in neighbouring countries. Choose from five different summer programme tracks and experience a summer unlike any other.

For more information please visit the NTU Summer Programme website.

National University of Singapore

FASStrack Asia - The Summer School

The summer programme will tap into NUS' research strengths in the region and offer students an enriching knowledge and understanding of various Asian-related topics and issues. Taught over a 5-week summer period, students will attend classes, participate in active discussions and learn from academic experts specialising in their area of study.

For information please visit the FASStrack Asia website


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

UAB Summer School

UAB Barcelona Summer School offers undergraduate subjects in a range of fields, taking place in late June to mid-July. The courses are mostly taught in English, being intensive programmes consisting of at least 40 contact hours over a three-week period.

For more information please visit the UAB Summer School website.

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Summer School of Economics and Business

Choose to study of one or two 6-ECTS credit courses during this 4-week course:

  • Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis
  • International Finance
  • Global Marketing
  • Doing Business in Spain

For more information please visit the UAM Summer School of Economics and Business website.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Climate Change

An intensive 2-week course, with options for either 3-ECTS or 6-ECTS credit courses.

Visit the UAM 'A Multidisciplinary Approach to Climate Change' Summer School website for more information.

Universidad Complutense Madrid

Complutense Summer School

The Complutense offers a wide variety of courses designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students working in different disciplines (Health Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities). All courses are taught in Spanish.


Universidad de Oviedo

Summer Programmes

Join a series of Spanish Language and Culture online programmes, monograph courses on Spanish and Latin American Culture, as well as a series of Spanish programmes for specific purposes (Spanish for Health Sciences, Academic Spanish or Spanish for Business), designed by the team of Spanish teachers of La Casa de las Lenguas.

For more information please visit the Universidad de Oviedo Summer Programmes website.


Linköping University

Linköping University Summer Academy has several high-quality courses to choose from and students will gain cultural insights together with other international students from all over the world. Linköping is one of Sweden's fastest growing cities. High world-class technology, an innovative university and lively trade characterise the city. Linköping is situated in an inviting landscape of beautiful natural surrounding, and here history and tradition meet creativity and innovation.

For more information please visit the Linköping University Summer Academy website.


University of Zurich

UZH International Summer Schools

Students will deepen their understanding of Switzerland and experience Zurich, one of the world's most attractive student cities. Students can choose from the following subjects: 'Deep Dive into Blockchain', 'Finance for the Future' and 'How Switzerland got rich'. The program aims at Bachelor and Masters students from universities all around the world. Partner and U21 discounts are available.

For more information please visit the UZH International Summer School website.



National Taiwan University

NTU Plus Academy Summer+ Programs

National Taiwan University offers summer programs in Chinese Studies, Natural Science and Research & Internship, to promote interest in Mandarin Chinese learning and to allow students to gain a better understanding of overseas educational programmes.



Mahidol University

Summer Programme

The Summer Programme will strengthen the skills of participants by providing the opportunity to interact with the international community in Southeast Asia and to explore the rich culture and tradition of the world's top destination. At the end of the programme, students will receive 3 US credits.

For more information please visit the Mahidol University short-term programme website.



University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago Summer Session

Study with nationally recognised faculty at one of the top research-funded institutions in the nation. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy UIC's green campus and state-of-the-art recreation centres. UIC Summer Session allows you to earn credit hours or focus on a single course, giving you the flexibility to combine study with work, internships and travel.

For more information, visit the UIC Summer Session website.