Why go abroad?

Choosing to study or work abroad as part of your degree course is an amazing opportunity.

Studying or working abroad:

  • Enhances your learning,
  • Tests your limits but above all, you experience incredible cultures and meet new people.

Living overseas will change you in more ways than you can imagine. For many, it is an exciting time of:

  • Self-discovery
  • Personal development
  • It is also proven to increase your chances of finding a job after graduation.



Enrich your academic learning

When you are studying abroad, you will experience a different academic environment and a new way of teaching and can enrich your studies with alternative perspectives on your subject area.

Enhance your career prospects

Living overseas means you will:

  • grow as a person
  • becoming more confident
  • increase your self-awareness.

You will develop relevant, marketable skills such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Adapting to new situations
  • Taking the initiative
  • Having the confidence to communicate with different types of people
  • Having a high value to potential employers through your international experience

Have the best time of your life!

Living overseas, making new and interesting friends and travelling to incredible destinations can represent an amazing opportunity. It can be a hugely rewarding time when memories are made that stay with you for the rest of your life.