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As a relatively new society, CADsoc has continued to grow despite the difficulties of the pandemic, adapting to the digital world alongside other departments and running all our events online.

From lessons on designing with 3D software and generative design to running design competitions, we have supported both our old and new members as they developed their skills in design and computing.

This year, CADsoc went fully online as we ran workshops and competitions via Zoom. Each week we successfully ran beginner and intermediate lessons and drop-in sessions. These were made widely available and have been recorded, they can be viewed by our members at any time. These include:

  • Generative design: This is where a 3D modelling program is used to construct streamlined products, helping designers create the most efficient outcome.
  • Engineering Project: We supported First Year engineering students with one of their group projects through lessons on how to run a simulation in SolidWorks. This is a 3D design and modelling program similar to Fusion 360 which is used throughout the year to design products and run scenarios for real life events (e.g., breaking things). 
  • Learning how to use Fusion 360: This widely used modelling software teaches our members how to design digitally. It’s a great skill to put on your CV as many modern businesses in the design sector use computer modelling programs rather than sketches.

These lessons can thus be used for future committees to support their own learning, as well as teaching new members. We also launched an exclusive t-shirt design for this year’s members, leaving them with a keepsake from their time in our society.


We plan on carrying on our CAD lessons, alongside new lessons based on design and technology which will hopefully be taught in person. We will be running old and new competitions based upon work covered in the aforementioned lessons. Provided it's safe to do so, CADsoc also plan to organise many society trips and socials!

We look forward to meeting you in the next academic year!

Sophie Davis
President of CAD Society 2021-22

To find out more about CAD Society visit their society website.

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