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Third year LLB student, Priscilla Nketiah talks with Behind the Scenes on how she entered BLS not knowing much about the law and how her the experiences during her degree prepared her for the next step of her journey.

Priscilla Nketiah

I decided to study law due to how interesting the course can be. Although many may think law is a boring course, it helps you to think a lot. There is not a right or wrong answer as it is how you put forward your arguments and the evidence you provide.

What pushed me to study at Birmingham Law School (BLS) is its uniqueness in providing different options of law programmes. I was particularly drawn to International Law and Globalisation. This course has given me a “two in one”. That is to say, I had the opportunity to study straight law modules and international law modules. If I must say, my favourite modules have been Public International Law and Contemporary Issues in International Law and Globalisation. I am currently in my final year and I am excited for the rest of the academic year. BLS has prepared me for the next step of my journey.

Since my first day at BLS, I have learnt a lot. This not only enhanced my knowledge, but it shaped me as an individual. Before commencing my studies, I was not completely familiar with law as a whole. However, the support I got from lecturers made the course easy to understand. Notably, BLS has so many opportunities for aspiring barristers and solicitors such as Pro Bono and many advocacy opportunities. Similarly, they provide academic support. I am extremely grateful to the Academic Writing Advisory Service (AWAS). In my first year, I was still getting used to the University writing style and through AWAS I was able to improve my writing skills and achieve my full potential. I would like to mention the mentoring scheme. This opportunity is opened to all students at the University. However, when relating it to law it is worth discussing it. Initially, I did not know whether I wanted to be a solicitor or a barrister, but the solicitor that was assigned to me helped me to find my career path. It was a unique experience as I had the chance to get advice from someone who has been in the legal profession for a long time. Not to mention, I attended many Law Fairs, especially in my first year. It was a good opportunity for me to network and find more about various firms and chambers. While I was there, I had a talk with some of them and I was able to find out their practice area and their requirements.