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Sumirat Saini talks to Behind the Scenes at BLS about how being a part of BLS gave him opportunities to explore his passion for the law and develop mentorship skills to help others succeed. 

Sumirat Saini, Birmingham Law School

The clock is ticking fearlessly in this challenging time of COVID-19, and the world is also shifting. Are we becoming the individuals we want to be?

Let me begin with one of my life-changing experiences. In March 2018, I dropped out of my computer science studies at TU Delft, Netherlands because I wanted to come up with some fascinating ideas for young people like myself, but things didn't go as planned. This was the first time I hit the bottom of the rock so hard that I thought my life had ended. During this time, I've discovered that life is like a big roller coaster. Starts Slowly, it fills you with suspense and excitement. Takes you up and then takes you back down so you can get up quickly again.

Surprisingly, it was the influence of the law that permitted me to get a large portion of my university fees refunded by challenging them on their own legal terms and conditions. That day, I realised that if basic legal skills could save me, imagine how fearless my life would be if I pursued a legal career. As a result, I risked everything to pursue my passion of proving myself in BLS and not regretting the chances I didn't take. As you can see, I'm now sharing my experience; it's been over two years, and I can honestly say that the quality of teaching at this prestigious university is priceless.

Furthermore, I agree that we rise by lifting others, which is why I have been a BAME Champion + EDI committee member since 2019 and have been representing minority communities tirelessly. I've also served as a mentor for first-year law students. I've written and designed motivational material for the BLS family. I recently began serving as a student ambassador for CAL. My ambassadorships have given me the experience to witness the priceless satisfaction of being a rainbow in someone's life. Interestingly, I was twice invited to volunteer as a host for BLS webinars, which helped me improve my communication and leadership skills. I loved collaborating with colleagues on a project called "TecHeart" on behalf of Enactus Society, which recycles and repairs old technology devices before distributing them to the most vulnerable students in local Birmingham schools, to fill the educational divide created by the COVID-19.

There is no denying that obtaining a law degree provides a solid base for today's careers. BLS is always brimming with possibilities and activities that inspire me to try new experiences in various fields and get out of my comfort zone, which I hope will help me decide whether I want to work in the legal sector or an entrepreneur by the time I graduate in July 2022. I will be eternally thankful to the University of Birmingham for selecting me when I needed them the most, and for inspiring me to recognise my worth and to never settle for less than I deserve.