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It is with great delight that Paula Mendes, Professor of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology at the School of Chemical Engineering, has been awarded the Sharma Medal by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).

IChemE medals are awarded to chemical engineers for their outstanding contributions to the profession. The Sharma Medal honours sustained and outstanding research contributions across an individual’s career.

Professor Mendes has been making exceptional advances at the intersection of engineering novel, functional materials and apply them to healthcare to end global impact. Her interdisciplinary work in nanoscience and nanotechnology continues to help develop novel methods for controlling the structure and functionality of materials at the molecular and nanometer scale. She has been making unique and sophisticated contributions to the development of new smart materials for biological and medical sensors.  Most recently, Professor’s Mendes’ work with smart sensor chips is helping improve the accuracy and efficiency of prostate cancer diagnosis through subtle differences in glycoprotein molecules.

On receiving the award, Professor Mendes said, “It is a great honour to have my work recognised with the IChemE’s Sharma Medal. I will continue to drive research in the development of advanced materials for biotechnological and biomedical uses and look forward to continuing to make an impact with my work.”

Congratulations to Professor Mendes for receiving the Sharma medal.

To find out more about the IChemE medals and the 2021 recepients, please visit the IChemE website: IChemE medals awarded to chemical engineers for their outstanding contributions to the profession - IChemE