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In response to a new Ofsted  report on sexual abuse in schools, HSMC academic Dr Sophie King-Hill calls for a national approach from a policy level to tackle sexual behaviours in schools in her latest blog, "What are the first steps in addressing rape culture in schools?"

Dr King-Hill has said " The normalisation and tolerance of toxic sexual behaviours in schools needs to be tackled nationally from a policy level. This joined up approach will support schools in tackling this issue consistently. Robust relationships and sex education, that addresses these issues, needs to be provided and schools require resources, training and support to provide this. Dialogue needs to be opened up across all genders and children and young people need to be listened to. All genders have a stake in reducing this type of behaviours in schools and this needs to be acknowledged. Widespread, national recognition and actions are one of the first steps in moving towards reducing this type of behaviour in schools. This is not just a school issue and wider communities need to be engaged and united on this issue to shift the culture into which these harmful sexual behaviours are situated."