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We are thrilled to announce we are calling for applications for the 2022 International Visiting Research Fellowship scheme.

The International Visiting Research Fellowship has been running since 2018 and has created positive relationships and collaborations between CHASM academics and our international fellows. Applications are encouraged from people with research interests which align to the CHASM research themes, and who are based outside the UK, to visit and work with CHASM members.

Our International Visiting Research Fellowship scheme has created the opportunity for positive collaborations between our visiting fellows and CHASM members, here are some reflections from the 2019 fellows.

The successful applicant(s) will be expected to spend at least 2 weeks present in Birmingham, UK, before the end of September 2022. Subsequent joint research work may, however, continue beyond this point.

Access to a work area, computer and to the internet will be provided to the successful candidates during their stay (if required).

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  1. Undertake research with one (or more) of CHASM’s core members. This work should lead to at least one high quality academic output within 12 months of the completion of the visit, and other outputs that may be applicable to create significant impact from the results of the joint research.
  2. Present a research seminar on a relevant area of their current work during their visit to the Centre as part of the regular CHASM research series or participate as a speaker in one of CHASM’s regularly organised events.
  3. Write a brief on a (CHASM-relevant) area of your expertise for publication under the CHASM banner (see our briefing paper webpage for examples of previous briefings).

The successful applicant(s) will receive a share of up to GBP 5,000 to cover (economy) airfare, accommodation etc. costs incurred for the duration of their visit to CHASM (within the normal rules for the reimbursement of expenses at the University of Birmingham). Only directly incurred and fully receipted costs can be reimbursed. Please note that, we are sorry but no stipend or subsistence is payable under this scheme.

Selection is based on the applicant's CV and research proposal and on their ability to contribute to CHASM’s current key areas of interest and activity. More than one fellowship may be offered if more than one strong application is received.

For 2022 we would particularly welcome applications to work with us in any of the following areas (although offers to work in a related area of interest are also welcomed):

Poverty, Precarity, Savings and Debt

  • Measuring financial insecurity (especially comparative, across Europe and the US, in particular)
  • Labour market insecurity
  • Food Insecurity
  • Social Security

Housing, Welfare and Wellbeing

  • Policy and Wellbeing
  • Quantitative methods
  • Health Inequalities

Applications are welcome from academics and others who have a track record of engaging with academic research.

To apply, applicants must send by email:

1. A letter of application, indicating the area you wish to research under the Fellowship and anticipated publication(s), who and how you will collaborate with CHASM academic(s), and their agreed timing to undertake the Fellowship. (Applicants may wish to contact CHASM members they would like to work with in advance of applying to seek their support)

2. A current curriculum vitae that includes at least your full name, current position, institution and full research/publications record.

3. A brief research proposal detailing work to be undertaken and target outputs (academic and other if applicable) and practical impacts that could be expected from the work (one page maximum will be sufficient).

4. Outline budget for the trip proposed (confirmation of the proposed budget will be sought before award is confirmed).

Deadline for applications is 28th February 2022.

We would expect to notify successful applicants no later than 14th March 2022.

All applications should be made by email to Helen Harris (

For any further details please contact CHASM Director, Louise Overton (